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"Above all, Patrick has something unique: strategic vision. He is capable of visualizing executable projects in the medium and long term. Serious and reliable.”

Enrique Blanco Global Chief Technology and IT Officer (CTIO) at Telefonica group

“Patrick is an astute, engaging and articulate individual who has provided my company with valued data, opinion and reports. Patrick's insights have helped my company recently in developing group strategy and deployment options.”

Desmond O'Connor, Vice President of Data Design at Deutsche Telekom group


"I highly recommend Patrick’s services having worked with him on multiple engagements across the full range of his portfolio. 

Patrick’s reports are well researched and written and provide detailed analysis not available in other analysts offerings. We leveraged Patrick’s extensive experience to augment our marketing team on both short term and long term engagements to deliver and accelerate our activities. I can highly recommend this approach as Patrick integrated seamlessly as part of the team consistently delivering high quality content on time with great success."

Michael Archer Chief Strategist Emerging Mobile Technologies at Akamai Technologies


"Patrick is one of the most insightful people I have met. It's unusual to find someone with such a breadth and depth of so many technologies."

Matt Stagg, Senior Manager of Network Strategy at EE


"For anyone looking to get up to speed on the technology dynamics in mobile networks in general and specifically the impact of video traffic on operators, Patrick is a great source. He knows the industry well (both operators as well as suppliers) and can provide insightful information to both beginners and industry veterans. I've enjoyed working with him."

Shahar Bar, SVP Corporate Development, Harmonic


"His knowledge and analysis provided invaluable input to our decision making process."

Halvor Helgo, Vice President Corporate Development at Opera Software


"Are you a decision-maker struggling with video traffic explosion on mobile networks ? Do you want to have the guidance of an expert who will not only explain the technology but also provide the road map and vision for the state of the industry, competition and business landscape. Well, Patrick is your guy. He is an excellent analyst who lays out the facts as they are. I vouch for the value he brings to his clients."

Serhad Doken, VP Innovation, InterDigital


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