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{Core Analysis} in the news, articles and interviews

The Mobile Network:

A future fit for video


Fierce Wireless:

There is no clear business model for LTE Broadcast


RCR Wirless:

Video optimization: OTT messaging challenges operators



IP&TV News:

LTE broadcast: should we believe the hype?



Fierce Wireless ebook:

Managing Network Traffic



Mobile Europe:

How to monetize mobile video


Boston Business Journal:

Movik aims to revolutionalize mobile content delivery


Mobile Europe:

is YouTube trialing Mobile Optimized Streaming?



Prosd and Cons of Adaptive Bit rate Streaming

Charging and tariffing strategies in a video world



Bye Moto, Hello Google



The Age of video


Light Reading:

Mobile games to place strain on 3G networks


RCR Wireless News:

LTE, it's a Little Too Early


Light Reading:

10 Ways to Mind the Mobile Data Gap



4G won't solve 3G's problems


e-Commerce Times:

AT&T to Cap Data Use, Stick 'Hogs' With Extra Fees


The wire report:

Carriers look to optimization technologies to fight mobile video data crunch


Mobile Europe:

Mobile video through the roof - is optimisation the answer?, Mobile International:

Traffic Police


The Heartland Institute:

Study: Tiered Broadband Pricing Benefits Consumers


Mobile Dev&Design:

Manage The Rising Tide Of Mobile Video


The Financial Post:

King-maker to carriers



Optimising Mobile Video


Comm. :

Taking control of the bandwidth crunch


RCR Wireless News:

How apps impactr the network


Wireless week:

The Mobile Bandwidth Crunch: Strategies for the Next Decade


CED Magazine:

Cross platform apps still growing on the vine


Fierce wireless:

Mobile video traffic: Alleviating the capacity crunch


TNC Net:

Vantrix CMO Gives Thoughts on Wireless Data Caps


Network World:

Most exciting iPhone 4 features will be marred by poor networks


Light Reading:

5 Mobile Apps That Bust Data Caps


RCR Wireless:

Dynamic Bit Rate Adaptation - more than just bandwidth management for wireless multimedia streaming



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